Everything you need to keep track of your health in one place.


Focus on what’s important

Manage your symptoms with the Symptom Tracker or set personal reminders to take your medication. Tracking your health data can improve accountability and provide a more complete understanding of your condition.

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Knowledge is power

The Storylines feature provides you with a summary of tracked information that you can share with your healthcare team. You also have access to a number of reliable guides and articles that can help you manage specific parts of your condition.


Tailored to your health needs

You get to choose what you can see and track by using the Tool Library to add a variety of health tools to your home screen. This helps you personalize your app to reflect your real-world experiences and health needs.


Your privacy means as much to us as it does to you.

Your data is sometimes used for research purposes in order for the Health Storylines™ mission to be funded and to keep the app free. We are fully HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant, meaning that we have the proper security measures needed to keep your private health information safe. All of the data that you contribute is anonymized and de-identified and can never be linked back to you in any way.


Become a Data Donor

By using the app, you contribute valuable data to patient-focused research organizations so that one day others in the breast cancer community can benefit from more personalized and effective therapies.

+ What is a Data Donor?

As a Data Donor, you can track your data and make it anonymously available for research to generate a better understanding of their health condition and experiences. Sharing your health experience, what works, and what needs to change can benefit yourself, other patients, and the research community.

+ Why should I become a Data Donor?

Choosing to contribute your health data contributes to new findings to help manage and treat your condition, for yourself and others. In the meantime, by managing your own health experience through the app you will be better equipped to have productive, informed conversations with your doctor. It’s a win-win!

+ Why "donor"?

Becoming a Data Donor means you have made a conscious, selfless choice to be a catalyst for change by volunteering your important, de-identified data as the currency of your generosity.

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