Heart @ Home Challenge Introduction

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Having Heart Failure can be hard. You may be experiencing scary symptoms such as shortness of breath, weakness, rapid heartbeat, and not to mention feeling more exhausted especially with any form of physical activity. As a result of all of these challenging symptoms, it can be easy to forget about self-care.

Here at Self Care Catalysts, we understand how hard it is to live with Heart Failure. That’s why we're launching our new Heart@Home campaign where we will be providing you with an evidence-based Heart Failure self-care plan e-mailed regularly right to your inbox over the next few months.

This 14-week plan will introduce you to the Heart Failure storylines app and teach you how to take better care of your heart and manage your Heart Failure. We will teach you the importance of tracking certain symptoms and how to make living with Heart Failure more manageable. The plan that we've made is meant to align your personal goals, expectations and other commitments as much as possible because we understand that life happens.

Live a little better. Live a little bit more.

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