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Input instructions from your medical team for things like medication, diet and exercise. Health Storylines™ stays with you wherever you go, providing reminders, helping you stick to your plan, and recording each activity so you never lose track.

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Track your mood, sleep patterns, physical activity and general condition on the same timeline as your treatment. Health Storylines™ makes sure you have an accurate, shareable record of your experience between physician visits.

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Customize Health Storylines™ to match your condition, your treatment plan and your goals. Health Storylines™ is always ready to record your story as it unfolds and connects you to the support you need.

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Every captured event is summarized in a simple view called “My Storylines.” Choose what you want to track, and choose what you want to share with your care team or your loved ones.

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Invite the people who care for you to connect with the Health Storylines™ app. Share your progress with them in real time. Let them empower you with their support and encouragement, give you a boost when you need it, and celebrate your milestones.