Polytrauma Headache Center of Excellence

About Us

The VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Polytrauma Headache Center of Excellence (HCoE) provides care to patients with refractory headaches.  Our Headache Centers are located at all five Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers and two additional Polytrauma Network Site locations. We provide an array of services to provide you the best care possible. Our comprehensive program includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention plan.


Our goal is to provide non-pharmacologic treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy, physical modalities and interventions to Veterans and Service Members with a history of polytrauma and brain injury.

Conditions Treated

Migraines • Tension headaches • Cervicogenic headaches • Medication over use headaches (MOH) • Occipital neuralgia • Post- traumatic headaches (PTHA) • Cluster headaches

Our Team

Physiatry • Neurology • Psychology • Physical Therapy • Recreational Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Optometry • Vision therapy • Case Management • Other consultative services

Medical/Procedural Interventions

Diagnosis/Education • Medications - Botulinum toxin injections, Nerve Blocks, Trigger point injections (TPI), Acupuncture • Neuromodulation Interventions - Trigeminal nerve stimulation • Nutritional Interventions • Pain Procedures - Vagus nerve stimulation, Transcranial magnetic stimulation • Complementary and alternative treatments • Interdisciplinary rehabilitation

Patient Experiences