Heart @ Home Challenge Week 1

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Today marks the first day of our Heart@Home campaign!

We know that managing Heart Failure can be hard - you have to remember all of the instructions from your doctor, pharmacist, and/or nurse, in addition to remembering to take all of your medications.  We want to make managing your heart a little easier for you by holding your hand and guiding you with small goals.

Our first Heart@Home Goal is focused on tracking symptoms!  By using the Symptom Tracker in the Heart Failure Storylines mobile app, you can track the symptoms you experience and rate their severity.

Heart @ Home Goal #1

Track 1 symptom every day for 1 week


  1. Log into Heart Failure Health Storylines

  2. Click the ‘Symptom Tracker’

  3. Enter 1 symptom every day for 1 week

Here are some examples of symptoms:

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Chest Pain

  • Cold Hands or Feet

  • Feeling Tired

  • Swelling of Legs or Feet

  • Coughing or Wheezing

  • Sudden Weight Gain

  • Fast Heart Rate

Later in the Heart@Home program, we'll show you what to do with the data you're tracking - and how you can use it to make informed decisions about your health like adjusting salt intake, reducing fluid, or taking medication to address the symptoms that impact you. We encourage you to share your symptom tracker progress with your doctor so that you can pinpoint your problem areas and work on them together. You can even invite your doctor or other care provider using the Circle of Support.

We hope you're excited to participate in the Heart@Home program to learn more about yourself and identify opportunities to improve your health. Get started today by using the Heart Failure Health Storylines app.

Take Care,
The Heart Failure Health Storylines Team

*Note it is important to seek help immediately and tell your doctor if you experience any alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, profuse sweating, or a sudden change in weight (+/- 2 pounds in a day).*