“The use of this app has made my live easier. The benefits I've received are too numerous to state at this time -because I have something else to tell you. I'll come back to update my review so I can share them. 

I'm here today to share my gratitude to the team of developers behind this app. As I was searching for some info I stored in my phone, I found something I wrote in a widget of this app. Without the opportunity of having the app, I may never have written about this treasured time in my life. I just now found & read it. I had to tell someone who may appreciate and have an interest in this tool. 

The joyful moment I wrote about was that of my granddaughter and me. You see it's so special , tender, yet aching because she left/ died a few months back. I now have it in print. If I had not written it, I'd still be say "Sunshine, remember ......? NANA, HOW Can I forget? You are always reminding me".😇😘

Yes, I'll be back to tell you the tremendous contributions Health Storylines has made to my life. For now I'll go wipe my tears of joy as I remember that day.”

“I'm a 26 year newly diagnosed with heart failure and I was told about this app. I use it everyday to keeping track of vitals and taking my medication. I love the fact that you can journal your feelings and reflect on emotions and what got you to where you are now. You can even input your moods and keep track of your upcoming appointments. ...I definitely would recommend”

“The Medication Tracker, Symptom Tracker, and Vitals are not working for me, but everything else is absolutely wonderful! The Food Diary is probably my favorite thing about this app as my diet has such a huge impact on how I feel later. I couldn't get the music to play in the Music Box, but I appreciate the idea. If users could have the option to integrate this app with other music apps, like Spotify or Pandora, that would be cool. The Health Reports section is a great idea and I really love the journal and Healthy Doses sections. A lot of people don't realize that being sick is just as much an emotional battle as it is physical. This app treats the whole patient, mind, body, and soul - not just the physical aspects of your illness.”


Luciil - 

“This app has so many ways to track your lifestyle and see not only what your triggers are and how often they show up. It's a great app and I would recommend it to anyone.”


Blackwhitegypsy -

“This is a fantastic application, but you have to be self motivated to benefit from it (like everything else). It gives you the opportunity to track not only medication use, but also daily moods and habits. This enables you to develop healthy habits, such as sleep engineering, routines that work the best, what causes you to procrastinate and how best to stay on top of your ADHD, by using the daily journal and notes, you learn when and how you perform your best and you are able to see patterns over time. Hope this review helps. I use it often. Peace.”


Afropolymath -

"I really like this app. Thankfully I've never had any issues with it. Great reminders, great tracker especially for things that I hadn't thought of tracking but I should. I feel like they thought of everything."


- Jacquie S. -