“The use of this app has made my live easier. The benefits I've received are too numerous to state at this time -because I have something else to tell you. I'll come back to update my review so I can share them. 

I'm here today to share my gratitude to the team of developers behind this app. As I was searching for some info I stored in my phone, I found something I wrote in a widget of this app. Without the opportunity of having the app, I may never have written about this treasured time in my life. I just now found & read it. I had to tell someone who may appreciate and have an interest in this tool. 

The joyful moment I wrote about was that of my granddaughter and me. You see it's so special , tender, yet aching because she left/ died a few months back. I now have it in print. If I had not written it, I'd still be say "Sunshine, remember ......? NANA, HOW Can I forget? You are always reminding me".😇😘

Yes, I'll be back to tell you the tremendous contributions Health Storylines has made to my life. For now I'll go wipe my tears of joy as I remember that day.”