Heart @ Home Challenge Week 8

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Congratulations! We are just past the halfway point at WEEK EIGHT of our Heart@Home Campaign. At Self Care Catalysts, we are constantly trying to improve our programs to benefit you the most and we would love to hear your feedback on how the Heart@Home Campaign has been going for you so far.

Heart @ Home Goal #8

Tell us about your progress


  1. Take the User Feedback survey linked below. The survey is short and will only take you a minute to complete. We promise to read every comment!

  2. Continue to follow the Week 8 Heart@Home goals in the next post

Here are some previous Heart@Home goals that you can keep up with in the New Year!

  • Use the Daily Vitals tool to keep track of your water weight and blood pressure

  • Use the Rate My Health tool to reflect on various aspects of your physical, emotional and mental health

  • Use the Medication Tracker to record your medications and set helpful reminders to yourself for when you need to take them

  • Live life with less sodium using the Food Diary to track your meals and how your body reacts towards them

  • Are you getting enough exercise? Use the Exercise Diary to keep track of your daily physical activity. Remember to take frequent breaks if you experience shortness of breaks, and slowly work towards building your stamina

Get started today by using the Heart Failure Storylines app to manage your Heart Health.

Take care,
The Heart Failure Storylines Team

*Note it is important to seek help immediately and tell your doctor if you experience any alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, profuse sweating, or a sudden change in weight (+/- 2 pounds in a day).*