Heart @ Home Challenge Week 9

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Today marks WEEK NINE of our Heart@Home campaign where you will be using the Circle of Support feature to bring the people in your self-care community into the loop of how you’re doing so they can cheer you on in your health journey.

When you use the Circle of Support, you will always have full control over what you share and what you keep private, but by sharing elements of your daily health progress, the people that are closest to you can hold you accountable.

Heart @ Home Goal #9

Manage your self-care community using Circle of Support


  1. Log into Heart Failure Health Storylines

  2. Click on the 'Circle of Support' tab found in the full menu

  3. Begin by adding a Circle of Support Member. Select 'New' and input your support members' email

  4. Select 'Submit' when you're all finished. An invitation should be sent to the support members' profile, so don't forget to let them know to look out for it!

Now you're ready! Explore the ‘Circle of Support’ feature today by creating your own ‘self-care’ groups and sharing your progress with people that care about your well being.

The ‘Circle of Support’ feature allows you to create their own personal ‘self-care community’ where you can share your progress with your supporters in real time. You can add others who are currently using a Storylines app and manage their visibility, so you decide what information they get to see. Let your Circle of Support empower you to stay consistent with your heart care goals - you can even help coach each other through your own Self Care Challenges!

Managing Heart Failure alone isn’t easy and can certainly be life changing - from diet changes, remembering medications, paying close attention to one's body and reducing stress, it can be quite overwhelming. Many of you have told us that these changes are especially difficult when people around you don’t understand what it’s like because your care often requires breaking life-long habits. Invite them along with your journey - changes are usually easier when loved ones and external parties provide support and care.

Get started today by using the Heart Failure Storylines app to manage your Heart Health.

Take care,
The Heart Failure Storylines Team

*Note it is important to seek help immediately and tell your doctor if you experience any alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, profuse sweating, or a sudden change in weight (+/- 2 pounds in a day).*