Heart @ Home Challenge Week 11

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Today marks WEEK ELEVEN of our Heart@Home campaign where you will use the Health Routine Builder tool to build and keep track of the self-care activities you practice. By creating reminders to reinforce your everyday goals using the Health Routine Builder, you can start building healthier habits and holding yourself accountable to a happier and healthier heart!

Heart @ Home Goal #11

Build healthier habits using the Health Routine Builder


  1. Log into Heart Failure Health Storylines

  2. Click on 'Health Routine Builder' in the menu on the home screen

  3. Select 'Add Routine' and enter the behaviours you'd like to practice and keep track of

  4. Choose the Frequency to determine how often you'll be reminded to accomplish your Health Routine

Now you're ready! Explore the 'Health Routine Builder' feature today by creating healthy routines and tracking how well you stick to them.

It takes time to create new habits, let alone stick to them! Here are a few routines that we’ve already practiced during the Heart@Home program to start you off with on your journey to a healthier heart. Add these to your ‘Health Routine Builder’.

If you are struggling to follow your chosen routine, don’t give up or be too hard on yourself! Just make adjustments and gradually work your way up to your target.

  • Eat less salt

  • Take a 20-minute walk everyday (Make sure to take a break if you experience symptoms)

  • Reach out and talk to someone in your Circle of Support

  • Read one book a month

  • Sleep for 7 hours a night

Soon, we'll show you what to do with the data you're collecting by tracking your heart health - and how you can use the data to make decisions about your health. We encourage you to share your progress with your doctor so that you can pinpoint what healthy routines you may want to work on.

Get started today by using the Heart Failure Storylines app to manage your Heart Health.

Take care,
The Heart Failure Storylines Team

*Note it is important to seek help immediately and tell your doctor if you experience any alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, profuse sweating, or a sudden change in weight (+/- 2 pounds in a day).*