Heart @ Home Challenge Week 12

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Congratulations! Today marks WEEK TWELVE, the final week of our Heart@Home campaign! This week you will use the My Storylines Report feature to visualize all of the health data that you’ve been tracking for the past few months. By looking at an overview of your past entries, you can not only see how far you’ve come since you began tracking your Heart Health journey, but you can also identify where you can adjust your heart health plan based on your current health.

You can look at the data from all the tools week-by-week directly in the app, or you can download a report with a date range of your choosing. Consider reviewing your data with your doctor and loved ones so they can help you review what’s working, and support you in making any necessary changes!

Heart @ Home Goal #12

View your My Storylines Report through your email


  1. Log into Heart Failure Health Storylines

  2. Click on the 'My Storylines' tab on the bottom menu bar of your app (Hint: It's to the left of the home button!)

  3. Select a duration over which you want your personalized report to be generated

  4. Choose between receiving your report as a PDF or CSV(Data Export) file

  5. Input your email into the text field and select the 'Send' button

That's it! You may need to verify your email in the 'My Profile' section before requesting your report so that we can make sure to protect your privacy. If you don't see your report in your inbox, check your spam folder. 

The ‘My Storylines Report’ will allow you to download your very own personalized health report which you can share with your family or friends. You can even share your report with your doctor at your next appointment.  It will not only be a good conversation piece but will also provide your doctor (or other health providers) with more information to make the best decisions possible for your heart health.

Since starting your Heart Health journey with us, we have introduced you to a variety of tools to help manage your condition. From using the Daily Vitals tool to track your water weight to sharing that tracked information with the self-care community that you’ve built for yourself in the Circle of Support, you have covered a lot of ground when it comes to managing your Heart Health.

We hope that you continue using Health Storylines to keep track of your Heart Health journey and make sure to email us if this program or the app has benefited you! We’d love to hear your feedback. Make sure to check our website where we will be posting the full Heart@Home program if you want to take up the challenge again!

Get started today by using the Heart Failure Storylines app to manage your Heart Health.

Take care,
The Heart Failure Storylines Team

*Note it is important to seek help immediately and tell your doctor if you experience any alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, profuse sweating, or a sudden change in weight (+/- 2 pounds in a day).*